Kitchen Tools I Want

This is a very important list, because a lot of times, the tools that you use can really affect the quality of your product.? For example, using thin, flimsy baking sheets results in cookies with burnt bottoms.? I decided that I should make a list of the things that I want so I can get them when I see deals or whatever.

1. KitchenAid stand mixer
2. Meat grinder attachment for KitchenAid stand mixer (that’s not for cookie making!)
3. Microplane zester (yay, my mom bought it for me!)
4. Kitchen scale
5. Wustoff knives (Thanks, parents!)
6. “Roast Chicken and Other Stories” (it’s a book by an English chef named Simon Hopkinson)
7. Silpat baking mats (so I can stop making midnight parchment paper runs)
8. Pie weights
9. A pastry brush (a small and inexpensive item, yet one I keep forgetting to purchase!)
10. Ice cream maker

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